Macadamia & Raspberry Pie

In essence this macadamia and raspberry pie recipe started life as a pecan pie, then it was remixed for summer. See, pecan pie to me is the type of thing you eat on an Autumn day, with a hot cup of coffee. This lighter, brighter version with it’s nutty macadamias and sharp raspberries is a gorgeous dessert to serve in summer. Great just on it’s own or with a spoon full of cream, it is heavenly hot from the oven and just as good when cool.

macadamia recipes

The nice thing about this recipe is that it is completely up to you how involved you’d like this it to be. You can make your own pastry from scratch, pick up a block of ready made pastry, get a pre-rolled sheet or the ultimate cheat; a pre-baked pastry case.

The filling can also be scooped in to ramekins and baked along for a simple pudding. Baking it this way was an entirely accidental discovery thanks to some left over filling and a suggestion from my Mum whilst testing the recipe. The result is a sticky, nutty custard with sharp raspberry pockets. Delicious!…

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barbecue cherry sauce |

Cherry Barbecue Sauce

This cherry barbecue sauce is fuelling the fire that is my condiment addiction. It takes the corner stones of classic barbecue sauce; tomato, sugar and mustard, and marries them up with the fruitiness and spice of classic British brown sauces like Daddies and HP.  It’s sweet, spicy, smoky, fruity and full bodied all at once….

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how to thicken sauces

A guide to thickening sauces, soups and stews

The flavour is perfect, the ingredients are all cooked to perfection, but that sauce is just too thin. Sure, you could reduce it, but you’d be concentrating the flavour, overcooking all the other bits and throwing the sauce:contents ratio all off. The only solution is to use some kind of thickening agent, but what? This…

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microwave easy bibimbap

Easy bibimbap- microwave recipe

Microwave recipes! You have to love them for a quick and easy snack, but this easy bibimbap recipe actually counts as a balanced meal. Bibimbap you say? Yes, that’s Korean style rice, served with an awesome hot sauce and whatever veggies you have to hand. Think egg fried rice, but better. Oh, and it’s microwaved…

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Creamy chicken soup |

Creamy Chicken Soup

This creamy chicken soup is ready in less than 20 minutes and is above and beyond anything that you’d find in a can. It’s fresh, wholesome and light enough for summer days. Grate over a little nutmeg, dunk in buttery bread and leave me a comment to tell me how much you love it. I was asked by Santander to…

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cloud breakfast egg recipe |

Cloud Breakfast Eggs

Cloud breakfast eggs! A cloud of egg white that melts in your mouth and the perfect runny gooey rich yolk, all in under 10 minutes.  They’re easy to make, super healthy, and the kids will love them. I don’t feel that frying an egg can do it justice any more. You can load these eggs up…

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homemade iced chocolate frappe |

Iced Mint Chocolate

Summer time switches my usual drinks up. Whether it is coffee, tea or hot chocolate my order is followed by, “can I get that iced?” This iced mint chocolate drink is ridiculously intense. You know when you take a sip of really good coffee and it hits you with a BAM? Well, this is made…

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courgette olio aglio |

Courgette flower spaghetti olio e aglio

Courgette flowers are everywhere at the minute and I have just the recipe for them, no frying involved! You can find these gorgeous yellow blooms in the supermarkets, or in your garden if you’re lucky. For my American friends, we’re talking about zucchini flowers. Hey there! To stuff, batter and fry such a glorious fresh ingredient…

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12 projects to get your kids more involved in food

Did you know that almost a third of school aged children think that cheese is some kind of plant? Or that it’s chicken or pork inside a fish finger?  I really wish that wasn’t true but a survey from the British Nutrition Foundation says otherwise. The summer holidays is the perfect time to get your children more involved in their food…

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chorizo jam spread for cheese boardschorizo jam spread for cheese boards

Chorizo jam

Chorizo jam, chorizo chutney, I don’t care what you call it but it’s earned a permanent place in my fridge. On crackers, with cheese, in sausage sandwiches, on burgers, in bacon butties, starting off a tomato sauce… A spoonful in corned beef hash, mixed in sweet potato mash, served with scallops. You can make it as fine…

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raspberry lemonade

Raspberry lemonade

Upstairs in our house right now is chaos. Our bedroom renovation is nearly over and a carpet fitter is here hammering grip strips around the edge of the room. I’m using this time to distract myself by sharing this raspberry lemonade recipe because I’ve never bought a carpet before in my life, and to tell you…

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how to make butter

How to make butter

My Nanna grew up on a farm in a little village near to where we live now. One of her routine jobs was to churn the butter; to make a product that has been common fare since the middle ages. It’s just too simple to pick up a block from the supermarket these days, so until this week,…

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