5 grains to try

Rice, pasta, cous cous and quinoa have held a place in my cupboard for a long time. All of these grains and staple sides are stored in a huge steel Budweiser bucket to contain the chaos. When I need something I bring the bucket down on to the worktop and dig through for whatever takes my fancy. Last weekend, during my ‘dig’ I found that we have five bags of quinoa on the go. FIVE. We have stock control issues.

This post is not about quinoa though, or any other aforementioned grains. Today I’m talking about five healthy grains that you perhaps haven’t tried yet, but really should. Freekeh, millet, maftoul, buckwheat and teff.

5 grains to try

So the plan is that I give you an idea of what each of them are, cooking directions and a few recipe suggestions. Your side of the bargain is that you pledge to give one or two a try, maybe widen your meal planning horizons but at the very least, leave knowing that there’s more out there than rice and cous cous. So, let’s begin….

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healthy cacao shake

Healthy Chocolate Shake

If you’re a sucker for a milk shake, this post is for you. A healthy chocolate shake with three key ingredients; avocado, banana, cacao. Woah there, avocado in a smoothie? I promise you that with the right things, all it brings to the table is amazing creaminess and nutrition, nothing in the taste department. Let’s set the scene……

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blogger dog

Catching up

Woah, this past three weeks. It hasn’t just been Matt’s knee op, it’s been everything all at once. I’ve been a nurse, a house sitter, a dog sitter, a cat sitter, a hen keeper, a house mover, a patient. Amongst it all, the food blogger had to hang back and deal with life.  It never rains but…

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cashew recipe

Pink Pepper roasted cashews

It’s Thursday, Matt’s had his knee operation and is on the sofa recovering well. I’m in and out of the kitchen testing recipes and he’s happily sampling whatever I send his way. These roasted cashews with crushed pink peppercorns have been perfect for him to nibble on in between naps and physio. They’re buttery and rich with…

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apple cucumber lime celery

Refreshing juice for spring

Well hello spring, it’s been a while! I’m celebrating with a seriously refreshing juice recipe, designed for sipping in the sunshine on the warm days that are heading our way. It’s a very rare member of the green juice family that doesn’t look like swamp water. They’re an endangered species, I tell you! This juice tastes so…

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Don’t be shocked; I eat takeaway

As a food blogger, you have to prepare yourself for the surprised expression when you tell people that you’ve ordered a takeaway. Seriously, we’re just normal people. Sometimes nothing will cure what ails me like a doner kebab with salad and garlic sauce, or a chow mein piled high with char siu. To me, ordering…

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Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 20.59.01

French Press giveaway & take a peek in to my kitchen

Well hello there! If you’ve been here before you may have noticed a few changes. First of all, the completely new design – swish, right? It’s built on the Genesis Framework for WordPress, making my blog much snappier and hopefully more enjoyable to read. Second, you’ll now notice a new ‘my kitchen‘ tab on the menu up there ^^^ where…

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temperature for green tea

Green tea – you’ve been making it wrong

The year green tea started becoming popular I tried it for the first time. My instant reaction was something like ‘yeooouuucchhhh’. I didn’t finish the cup. It was just horrid. How on earth could people be drinking this stuff? It’s got to be just for the health benefits right? Surely they don’t enjoy it… I’m quite happy to…

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latkes recipe

Potato Latkes

Breakfast is my favourite meal. “Seriously?”, you ask. Yep. I love breakfast- even if it’s breakfast for lunch. If you’re not with me on that, this potato latke recipe will change your mind. They’re the perfect hash brown, potato scallop, rosti hybrid; crisp outsides, soft and fluffy insides. Ultimate breakfast comfort food. Stack them up, serve with smoked…

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