Potato Latkes

latkes recipe

Breakfast is my favourite meal.

“Seriously?”, you ask.

Yep. I love breakfast- even if it’s breakfast for lunch. If you’re not with me on that, this potato latke recipe will change your mind.

They’re the perfect hash brown, potato scallop, rosti hybrid; crisp outsides, soft and fluffy insides. Ultimate breakfast comfort food.

latkes recipe

Stack them up, serve with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. Try them on a bed of fresh spinach with a poached egg on top. Grate a bit of nutmeg, sprinkle on some freshly cracked black pepper, top with chives. I went with garlic chives, which are a serious yum upgrade if you can find them. Once you’ve got this potato latkes recipe under your belt, you can change it up quite a bit.

In my pursuit of the perfect latkes, I can tell you that choosing the right potatoes really does make all the difference. I’ve been making these for a good year or so now and I always use Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes for them. I’ve talked about using these before for Parmentier potatoes and three years later, I still swear by them for most things. My love for their red skins sparked an email asking me to act as guest chef on their website this month, so this was the recipe I shared.

how to make latkes

If you do buy a bag to give these latkes a go, there are plenty more potato recipes to use them up on the Albert Bartlett website, including a bunch from Michel Roux Jr. He’s one of my favourite TV chefs to watch so it’s pretty awesome to have this recipe alongside his.

I swear I’d wake up earlier if these were waiting for me everyday, wouldn’t you?

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Service announcement

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