12 Bagel recipes worthy of sharing

My name is Vicki and I’m a bagel addict. I will put most combinations in/on them and there’s almost always a bag in my freezer.

Recently I was sent a new launch from New York Bagel Co; their Bagel Sandwich Thins. They’re everything you get with a normal bagel, just a little lighter. The challenge was for me to try something different in my #BagelADay so here I am, sharing the blog posts that inspired me to load those bagels up. There are six recipes to try when the bagels are fresh and wonderful, then six to transform the stale leftovers in to something special.

Feast your eyes:

bagel filling ideas

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pancetta butternut rice

Pancetta, butternut & wild rice skillet

Crisp, smokey pancetta and sweet herby butternut, all brought together with some grated manchego. This pancetta, butternut and wild rice skillet is a simple weeknight meal with just a 20 minute wait time. You’d be surprised how much flavour you can build in to a dish in that time with just a handful of ingredients….

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rhubarb and orange vodka

Rhubarb and Orange Vodka

My Mum stocks our freezer with rhubarb from the garden and whenever we have a roast dinner, rhubarb crumble is likely to follow. I’ve never made anything else with it, which seems such a shame given we have a home grown supply. So here we are, rhubarb and orange vodka. This may become a yearly thing. I’ve been thinking about…

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pastries silo brighton

A date with Miele & Silo

Last week, I took a trip to Brighton to check out Silo, a restaurant with an interesting idea. The concept is a pre industrial food system with zero waste. Not a plastic wrapper in sight, nothing from the supermarket, no bins to fill. They achieve this with ancient techniques, lots of out of the box thinking, fantastic…

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pizzaiola steak

Steak Pizzaiola

If you’re in the UK you have six days until Father’s Day. Unfortunately I’m not going to be at home to spend time with my Dad on the day, but if you’re around, I honestly think a lovely meal cooked just for him always beats a gift. So, with that in mind, I have you…

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ancho tacos avocado cream

Ancho Prawn Tacos

Looking for a tasty weeknight meal that you can whip up in 15 minutes? These ancho prawn tacos are the way to go. They’re packed with flavour and a great way to use up left over veggies. You’ll need tortilla wraps, prawns, and a couple of store cupboard essentials. The rest is just a case…

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Polish Kolaczki

These Polish Kolaczki are such a fun and simple treat to make. They’re jam tarts, but with a little something extra. We’ll talk about that in a minute, but first, lay your eyes on these: Kolaczki remind me of the jam tarts I’d make as a child when my Mum had some left over pastry. I’d…

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may favourites

May favourites

Happy June! I quite like that we’re starting it on a Monday, it feels very neat and tidy, the weather has a lot to answer for though. As I type this, the rain is lashing against my office window and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this grey day belonged to February. Weather aside, it’s time…

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simple dessert recipe

Fruit cider jellies

I’m about to show you how to turn your favourite fruit cider in to one of the easiest desserts ever, fruit cider jellies. It’s ridiculously simple and -if the weather finally arrives- perfect for summer. This is far from the jelly and ice-cream in paper bowls from your child hood. It isn’t just the alcohol content that makes this…

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