12 projects to get your kids more involved in food

Did you know that almost a third of school aged children think that cheese is some kind of plant? Or that it’s chicken or pork inside a fish finger?  I really wish that wasn’t true but a survey from the British Nutrition Foundation says otherwise.

The summer holidays is the perfect time to get your children more involved in their food and learn where things come from. I’ve compiled a dozen fun food activities for a whole range of ages that I hope can give you some summer time inspiration. Let’s get in to them:

      1. A day out at a farm

        What better way to start than by heading to where our food comes from. Growing up in Cumbria, I was surrounded by wildlife and farming. I hunted for eggs in barns, stroked pigs, ran about in fields and if you need evidence, here’s a very small me cuddling a sheep.

        food blogger farm
        Not only is it a great day out, but time on a farm teaches kids that food doesn’t begin with the supermarket. The Soil Association website has a list of organic open farms all across the UK.

      2. Let them set the menu.

        For the youngest, it could be simply giving them a choice between two different vegetables. For older kids, set them a challenge to design a healthy menu for the week, decorate it, stick it on the fridge and stick to it.

      3. Pack a picnic

        Make some kid friendly snacks together, pack a picnic and head outdoors. Pure fruit roll ups and mini omelettes are great options and will become lunch box staples come September.fruit winders recipeIf you’re looking for a place to take in the sights, try the National Trust website for a picnic friendly location near you.

      4. Go foraging

        Over the next few months there is so much wild food in season. Arm yourself with a basket and take to the hedgerows for fabulous ingredients. Do your research and read the wild food code first and you can’t go far wrong. For more information about foraging, you can find a list of wild food here.

      5. Regrow food waste

        Did you know that you can regrow spring onions if you keep the bottom? There’s a ‘how to’ on my instagram.

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