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One of the blogs I read is a true wonder blog. She was miles ahead of the ‘blogging boom’, has eight years of blog posts under her belt,  has a cookbook scheduled for release in a years time and now publishes her recipes on Jamie Oliver’s website. Her food didn’t follow the trends, but one day the movement towards wholesome, healthy food came along, and her blog just rocketed. Her name is Aimee Bourque and she writes the blog simplebites.net. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re in for a treat! I’m about to take you on a whistle stop tour of my love for my favourite blog.

The thing that got me reading? I stumbled upon Simple Bites in Winter 2011. I’d been looking through seasonal recipes and some wild woven internet trawl later I landed on her blog and a post for hot apple cider written by her husband. I remember reading the post and loving the little stories that were slipped in, like how they’re convinced cider helped them to sell their last home. I spent about three hours, just reading back over as many posts as I could and getting to know them.

Aimee has chickens, grows her own veggies and fruit and has an entire cupboard of home made jarred goods. I get a tick for the first two and one day I dream of having a cupboard full of homemade goodies like hers. If we met, I just know we’d be kindred spirits.

She has this natural, laid back style of cooking that just looks so effortlessly perfect on camera. Just look at her breakfasts:


Reading Aimee’s blog really makes me feel like catching up with a friend. She shows us her food, lets us in to her kitchen (seriously, you can tour it here) and there is this homely warmth to her writing that never shakes.

I love to read about her adventures. In true Canadian style, her house has maple trees at the end of the garden which she taps and stores for year round treats. When she posted this photo of her kids making taffy lollies using the syrup in the fresh snow, I was hooked. What a dreamy little childhood! I want to go to Canada now.


I don’t want to write about her blog all day (although I could), you really need to just go and read it for yourself, drool over her recipes then come back and thank me. I honestly feel like I’m giving away a personal secret by telling you to go and read Aimee’s blog. I hope you love it as much as I do.

This post is part of the #wonderblog competition to win a desktop PC with Curry’s. They asked me to tell you all about my favourite blogger. There’s a HP Envy Recline and a HP Envy Rove up for grabs -personally the Recline is my favourite for it’s swish looks- you can find all the details on how to enter here.

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  1. says

    Vicki, you’ve made my week, nay, month, with your kind post. I really appreciate the encouragement. Sometimes, after you’ve been blogging for so long, you begin to wonder what the point it. I’m delighted you enjoy my little corner of the web. Stick around, because there are some fun little changes coming up soon. xox

    • Vicki Higham says

      Ahh Aimee thank you so much for commenting on my post! I’m so excited to see what changes are on the horizon for you!

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